Facial Electricals Training

Facial Electricals Training

This combo modality day will enable you and your team to offer a range of electrical modalities to your clients. 

This day of training will include: 

Health & Safety 

Sterilisation & Disinfection

Appearance of the Therapist 



Electrical facials

  • Steam
  • Mechanical exfoliation
  • Mechanical lymphatic drainage
  • Hi-frequency
  • Galvanic 
  • Ultra-Sound
  • Micro-Current


All our training is done in 3 parts:

Part 1 - Online Pre-Learning

Once you have registered for your class, you can download your manual and familiarise yourself with the content (8 CE hours). You will complete a recap course of the basics of Anatomy of the Skin as well as an introduction to Facial Electricals, covered over 14 Theory Units.

This enables our instructors to spend the majority of time on practical.

Part 2 - Training Day 

We cover all the practical work on models, guided by your trainer. 

You will complete 7 Theory Units and perform 4 full treatments (6 CE hours)

This section of training is completed online or in a class setup. 

Part 3 - Assessment & Certification

Once training is completed, each therapist will be Assessed & Certified based on work done in training as well as a written theory test.

We have various ways of staying in touch with you post training:

  • Join our closed Facebook group where we post updates 

  • Join us for regular Q&A session and extended learning opportunities

  • Take part in a case study involving 3 clients treated in clinic

  • Join us for further up skill training in future at 15% discount


  • Qualified beauty therapist 

  • Qualified Aesthetic Nurse or MD

This section is available in one of the following ways:

  • One-on-one session
  • Group session (5 max)
  • Online Session

Course Duration:

Total training time: 14 CE hours

This course does not include any machines.

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