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This is a highly profitable service with the treatment time anything from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on experience and speed.  The advantage of this type of treatment is that your clients actually prefer to be in and out rather than taking the full time! SO, let me help you do a Brazilian wax in less than 30 minutes.




Treatment costs sit between $2.48 and $3.53 with the average charge is around $65 to $85.


If this service is not on your treatment menu, it certainly should be as over 90% of bikini waxes performed in salons are Brazilians, with standard bikinis being rarely requested.


You cannot afford to NOT offer this service!  



We have a selection of courses available. If you are unsure which course best suits you, feel free to discuss your needs with your Salon Setup Consultant.


We have the following options available to you at this stage:

* The Brazilian – full day Brazilian Waxing Course.

* The Brazilian Boot Camp – half day Brazilian Waxing Course.

* The Refresher – Booked on a hourly basis for any treatment tuition or salon services required.

* One-on-one Tuition – Book time as needed to practice your new skills acquired during any of our courses.

* Group sessions – Want to find out more about Brazilian Waxing? This is an informative session, where we share the MUST-KNOW information about Brazilian Waxing. We also do a Brazilian Demo, so you see and make notes. This session does not include any hands-on practical sessions.


Please keep in mind that we add new courses and develop current courses on an on-going basis.  Do not be discouraged if what you are after, is not listed here.



Salon Setup waxes out shines the competition in quality, affordability and customer service, providing a high quality wax, which lasts longer, sets quickly for “fast-waxers” and leaves no sticky residue! Visit our website for information about our waxes, training courses and the support we offer.


Our waxes are fresh and innovative with respect to colours, fragrances and quality. The waxes moved away from the traditional formulas and packaging to create a unique product that is easy to use, cares for the skin and most importantly removes hair! It has been proven that our waxes causes less skin damage and with no sticky residue after the treatment.


Salon Setup offers a wide variety of waxing products:

Hot Wax,

Strip Wax,

Strip Cartridges,

Film Wax &

All the support products needed.

These waxes come in fun flavors such as Ruby Red, Blue Diamond, Black Cherry, Apple and more.

Choose your signature flavor today!


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Posted: Sunday 15 June 2014