LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy Training

All our online training is done in 2 sections:

Section 1 is complete online, where we cover an introduction to your selected modality plus cover all the theory work. This is completed the week before training. 

You will get to download your manual and familiarize yourself with the content. 

You will complete 12 Theory Units and have access to 4 live video demonstration of various aspects of the treatment.

Complete a quiz before starting section 2 of your course. 

This enables our instructors to spend the majority of time in the class on practical

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Section 2 - Assessment & Certification as set our in our Assessment Schedule

Downloadable Materials include:

  • Training Manual
  • Consent Form Templates 
  • Consultation Form Templates
  • Face Diagram (PDF)
  • Practical Video Demonstrations

We also supply: 

  • An Updated Covid-Ready Health & Safety Protocol
  • Owners Manual for Owners only
  • Marketing Manual with images for Social Media & Websites

On-Going Support:

Your training doesn’t end when you leave the class. We offer on-going support via e-mail, phone, live video conference and access to our private 

Facebook group Salon Setup Support NZ to help you through any challenges as you work your way toward mastery.

Join us in class & offer this new service to your clients right away!

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